Fans get rewarded

As a customer from Bloomer, we’d like to reward you for your loyalty

A large group of friends is awesome

You can support each other, help each other with questions… everything is more fun together! Furthermore, you can trust your friends. That’s why we keep expanding our group of Bloomer-friends. And you, as a friend, are thé most important part in this!

As a customer of Bloomer, we’d like to reward you for your loyalty. For every new friend you bring us, you’ll receive a voucher of £100,- ex VAT, which you can redeem in our webshop.

It’s quite easy. Find us a new customer at Bloomer and you’ll immediately receive £25,-! When this new customer spends a minimum of £250,- in our webshop, you’ll receive a £75,- voucher in your mailbox. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Oh wait… yes it does! Of course, our new friend will also receive a £25,- discount on their first order!

And because you can never have enough friends you can keep on bringing new ones. This way, we’ll quickly grow to Europe’s largest group of floral friends! Perhaps we’ll even start our own flower club one day 😉

Ready? Let’s make friends!

*No small print, just 3 simple conditions: