To be of service as soon as possible we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find your question? Please contact us.

  1. How can I remove products from my shopping cart?

Go to your shopping cart, press the X button on the line you would like to remove. Please keep in mind that after adding products to your shopping cart you only have 15 minutes to cancel. After this, the order is possibly sent to the grower.

  1. When can I reach you?

Regular hours of our customer service are:

0800-BLOOMER (0800-2566637)
Mo – Fr | 11:00 – 18:00

+31 6 12 61 14 55 (WhatsApp only)
Mo – Fr | 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday | 09:00 – 11:30

You can reach us per email at [email protected].

We do our utmost best to answer your question as soon as possible, but you will definitely receive a response within 1 day.

  1. I have a suggestion for a new product. How can I let you know?

We’d love to hear it! We are always open to expand and improve our product range. Contact us through email or WhatsApp.

  1. What’s the latest I can place my order?

You can order Monday to Friday until 07:30 PM. Your products will be delivered the next morning.

  1. How long do the offers last?

We have special deals and offers for most holidays. The deals are valid per delivery. These offers and deals will provide extra discounts on top of our low prices! For every deal, the date of delivery is specified on the purchasing list itself.

  1. What if I’m unsatisfied with a product?

We’re sorry to hear if you’re unsatisfied with one of our products. Please call or send us a WhatsApp message with a picture of the product and we will quickly make up for it.

  1. Will I get a delivery note?

We do not print delivery notes to save the environment. You can always find your ongoing orders online in your shopping cart and your order confirmation in your email.

  1. How can I pay for my flowers?

You can pay through iDeal or automatic collection. Have you chosen iDeal? You’ll get your invoice right way! Have you chosen automatic collection? You will receive your invoice the next morning and it will be collected within 5  business days after delivery.

  1. How do I know if the products are fresh?

One of our seven promises is guaranteed freshness.

Fresh means réally fresh; We select the best flowers with the utmost care from our growers. They are picked during the day, are processed overnight and are delivered the next morning. You won’t find anything fresher than this!

  1. Where do the products come from?

All over the world flowers are cultivated and growers supply us. Obviously, Bloomer values the environment. Naturally, we only do business with certified partners.

  1. What’s the time of delivery?

We deliver on fixed days. We strive to deliver before 07:00 AM.

  1. How much does delivery cost?

You don’t pay anything for delivery, it’s completely free.

  1. Is there a minimum purchasing amount?

No, there’s no minimum purchasing amount. We will process and deliver your entire order to your store for a single handling fee of £7,50.

  1. What if I’m not at home when the deliverer rings my doorbell?

Are you not at home when we’re at your doorstep? No problem at all, we’ll store the products at a previously agreed place.

  1. How can I be certain if the flowers are actually cheap?

We constantly check and compare our prices with other wholesalers to guarantee the cheapest flowers.
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