Flower Wholesaler

Bloomer started in 2016 as an online flower wholesaler. Our vision is to disrupt the flower market. As a flower wholesaler, we aim to rid ourselves of the fixed processes.

All the current flower wholesalers work the same way. Every company employs account managers. Pricing agreements have been made with your competitors which ensures you will not get the best deals. We do not believe in this approach which is why Bloomer is yóur online flower wholesaler!

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Flower wholesaler Bloomer aims for transparency. We show the same pricing daily to every visitor. To prove this we invite you to take a look at our webshop.

Flower Wholesaler

Bloomer is a club of hard-working people who do their very best every single day to bring the freshest flowers from the growers to the florists. Day in, day out we work hard for 100% satisfaction. This way you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for with rapid and targeted service and always for the lowest prices. Boasting? Certainly not, we prove ourselves through our 7 certainties!

A flower wholesaler with 7 promises?

These 7 promises are here for you as a florist. Take a look at our 7 promises.

A lot cheaper
Bloomer guarantees the lowest prices! Every single day we check all the prices from the market and adapt our pricing when necessary. If we’ve missed something and you’ve found it cheaper elsewhere you can let us know. We will not only change the pricing but you will also get the relevant products for free! Take a look at our regulations for the lowest price guarantee here.

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For all your flowers!
What is a flower wholesaler without a perfect product range? Our preferred suppliers deliver flowers from all corners of the world daily. As you’re used to by ‘The cheapest flower wholesaler of 2017’ all our products are 100% protected. Quality is paramount to us. The largest adversary of flowers is moisture. Due to this reason, we pack and deliver our flowers 100% dry. Despite our huge product range, it’s possible that we’re missing a product. In such a case we will consult with you for a beautiful alternative. In any case, we will make sure that you’re satisfied.

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Fresh really is fresh!
Our quality assurance only has one task: “Select the finest flowers of the best growers worldwide.” By working together with our set preferred suppliers we can offer top quality flowers, every single day.

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Unsatisfied? Cashback!
We can hardly imagine this, but if it ever gets this far, you can simply get a refund if the order is amiss. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if anything is wrong. We want what is best for our customers.

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Your wishes are our focus

We do our very best to be the cheapest flower wholesaler, but there is always room for improvement of course! If you have any ideas on how we can improve our service we would love to hear from you! You can mail us at <<[email protected]>> or add us on WhatsApp +31 6 12 61 14 55

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No minimum purchasing units
No large units when purchasing. Per bundle, simply because you don’t always require more than that. And we get that.

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No minimum order cost or order size
Flower wholesalers often utilise minimum order sizes to cover the shipping costs. We believe this is nonsense. Simply because you, as a florist, do not always need more than just that bunch of roses. You will never shop more than you need with us.Because of this any florist, big or small, can come to us.

‘Bloomer is the cheapest flower wholesaler in England. Because of that it’s the number one for me!’

Are you still not convinced by us? We’ll add some more! Through our newsletter, you’ll be up to date with our latest offers. We will keep you posted so your fresh flowers are always in-house for the lowest prices.

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