Pounds cheaper

Guaranteed the lowest price

Bloomer isn’t your flower wholesaler for nothing!
We help you achieve a better return because you won’t find it cheaper elsewhere. Our price meters check the prices daily at other flower wholesalers throughout the Netherlands to guarantee that.

Lowest price guarantee

Cheaper elsewhere? Get your product for free!

Have you still found, despite our scrutiny, a product that at the time of reporting elsewhere is offered permanently cheaper? Tell us and you’ll get the product for free and we will adjust the price.

How does the lowest price guarantee work?

  • It must be exactly the same product (including grower, packaging and content)
  • The warranty does not apply to offers or other temporary price reductions elsewhere.
  • Show a photo as proof of the report.
  • You get a maximum of one unit of the product for free. Once you have received a product for free, you can not immediately obtain the product again for free.
  • Bloomer is guaranteed cheaper than all wholesalers, line drivers and internet providers.
  • Products purchased via the physical clock are excluded.
  • Bloomer reserves the right to check the price notification before  proceeding with compensation and / or price adjustment.

The guaranteed lowest price at bloomer also means that you only pay for the weight that you actually receive. It sounds logical, but that’s often not the case. Just weigh a product from another wholesaler from the list Populus / Parvifolia / Pittosporum / Herb. And…? Is the weight on the scale correct with your invoice? That’s what we mean by the guaranteed lowest price guarantee!