Privacy at Bloomer

Just as careful we are with our flowers, we are with your information. Recently, we are also legally obliged to be clearer in how we handle your information. Naturally, this has already been safe with us in the past but now we will also tell how we protect it!

There are several places on Bloomer online where you can leave us your information. That is when registering for an account, subscribing to the newsletter or contacting our customer service amongst others. Information such as your telephone number, email address and/or visiting or postal address could be included here. Customers also make use of direct debit for payments meaning that their bank details are also known to us.

All this information is safely stored in the systems of our organisation. Needless to say, that only authorised employees have access to such information and are approved to manage it. We never use your information without legitimate reason. However, to get those stunning flowers delivered to your shop, it would be handy if the driver knew where he should be heading ????.

Processing personal information

When you contact our customers service, or contact us through another method or apply for a job at Bloomer, we save your information. We collect these digitally so in case of queries, applications or compliments ???? (we try to prevent complaints) we are able to receive these.

We are very careful with all the information you give to us. We do not re-sell them. After all, we are a flower wholesale company not a British institute that sells Facebook data. The only exception we must make is when we are legally obliged or when the law requires it, as the law also applies to us. We will do everything possible to prevent loss or misuse of your information at all times.

Cookie usage

The cookies we eat at our office are different to the cookies on our website. The latter is a small document, which is stored in your computer. Only the server can recognise this document if it is stored on that particular server. In this case, our Bloomer server. It cannot find information or trace this back to you as a person. Therefore, it is completely safe!

Our server uses your cookie to make the website run as good as possible for you. It makes order histories load faster etc.

If by any reason you do not like the idea of a cookie, all those crumbs on your keyboard, you can always refuse it. We do this at the office all the time. Unless they’re these divine shortbreads, which we simply can’t refuse! You can even turn off the cookies! If you need help with that please let us know. We will have one of our Wizzkids return your call and deactivate your cookies. With compliments from Bloomer.


Bloomer reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement without notice. These changes will be effective immediately after placing them on the website. You can always find them in our disclaimer on the website. Or send a request for them by email, just as simple.

We keep it safe! Remember to enjoy a real cookie once in a while (don’t confuse them with online cookies, they taste dreadful!).

Removing your information

If you would like your information to be completely removed, please let us know through the contact details below (the same procedure as for adjustments). Once you receive a reply from us your information is gone, vanished into thin air. Please note, that it also means that you are not able to order from us anymore. And that any information regarding previous orders is not obtainable going forward.


Bloomer klantenservice:

[email protected]


06-12 61 14 55 (WhatsApp only)