Now 10 boxes of biodegradable oasis for £90-05

Our Oasis deal is back! While supplies last

Delivery is between the end of week 49 and the start of week 50!

At Bloomer we introduced the new Oasis ideal bricks for free a little while ago. Every customer received one block, just to try it. The biodegradable version is much much better for the environment and that’s what Bloomer is about.

These blocks function the same as the regular Oasis blocks, except the environment is a lot happier with these! That’s why we introduce this year’s Oasis-deal in a more sustainable way.

Photo by FlowerCounsilHolland

The Oasis deal ordering period has expired. You can order the regular Oasis bio blocks in the webshop.

Keep this in mind when ordering. You will not receive your order the next day. One box contains 20 blocks.


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