It’s Television time!

From grower to English florist, all on show!

We had the BBC visiting us for two days!

The Netherlands are big on flowers, that’s nothing new! For many outside the flower industry, it’s a mystery what happens before a bouquet ends up on your table. That’s what the BBC wanted to know. So it was time to search for the source of all these beauties; Welcome to the Westland!

When we received this question from the BBC (long live Google!), we immediately got the idea to visualize the journey of the flowers. They loved the idea in England, so we showed the BBC. We visited the passionate team of Berg Lysianthus in Naaldwijk, of which Bloomer is a big fan of. They told everything about the cultivation of these beautiful flowers, which are very popular in England. Here, we collected the ordered flowers from one of our customers Bedwells florist in England.

Bloomer Online Bloemengroothandel

Photo by Kweker in de Kijker

But it didn’t stop at the grower. Of course, they filmed at our site in the flower market. The process from once flowers arrive from the growers (yes, also the lysianthus from Berg) to quality control, to handling, to orderpicking and to boxing the flowers up. The same day the flowers arrived we shipped them with Sebastian (our man in the UK) and the team from the BBC to the UK. After a very early arrival in the UK the following morning we delivered the flowers at our customers. Of course, we unpacked the lyzianthus from Berg at Bedwells florist. That’s how we showed how our Dutch pride and joy is being delivered from grower to florist in the UK within 24 hours. So this broadcast is not only good advertisement for Bloomer Flowers but actually for the whole industry and The Netherlands! #hiphiphooray #itisTV!

Can we have a look?

Of course, we’re immensely proud! That’s why we love to share this video with you! Grab some popcorn and enjoy this very Dutch story, broadcasted on English TV!


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