Free Charmelia® Pink at Bloomer

Enjoy these Charming beauty!

No, it’s not regular alstroemeria!

Meet Charmelia®, the beautiful flower from Together2Grow, one of our favorite growers. Just when you think you have seen it all, there is a new cut flower that steals your heart. Meet Charmelia®: Elegant, graceful, rich on flowers, chic solo in a vase, but also very charming as a team player in a mixed bouquet. Have you become curious? Over the next few weeks you will receive a nice bunch, free of charge. Together with “Together2Grow”, Royal van Zanten makes these available for you, hooray!

All you need to do is to place an order with us in January, the rest goes without saying!

Image by Bloomer

Charmelia® has a very healthy vase life, doesn’t shed it’s flowers and even the leaves keep remarkably well, which makes it enjoyable for a long time. Charmelia® is a trendy newcomer.

Charmelia® is being supplied to you with beautiful, open flowers showing it’s color, which makes it very appealing for consumers!

Everything about Charmelia® is friendly and feminine. The green is soft and graceful, the flowers are freshly pink and white, with a little green. The more they flower the more pink they become. These new cut flowers can be used in very many different ways. Just a single stem in a tiny little vase shows the beautiful flowers and the unusual shape, but Charmelia® is good company in a mixed arrangement. Because of it’s many branches it’s a good filler and the color has enough show to stand out in good way.

Your experience with Charmelia®

We’re very curious about your experience with this product! See below the link to a small questionnaire about your Charmelia(r) bouquet. It’s much appreciated if you participate in this! 🙂

Go to the questionnaire
Go to the questionnaire

Long shelf life

We know, they all say it. But these Charmelia® actually does so. The evidence can be seen below. Take a look at the brilliant video and convince yourself. Put a Charmelia® bouquet inside your home instead of your store to see how the product develope. We’re certain you’ll be surprised.

Check Charmelia’s website here to see more of these beautiful flowers!

Go to the questionnaire
Go to the questionnaire


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