The most durable tulips of Holland and we got them!

Planet proof and MPS A+, Tulips from Sam

Tulips from whom?

From Sam, the most durable tulipgrower of Holland. In Slootdorp, a small city located in the beautiful and vast county of Noord-Holand, Sam and his team grows the most beautiful tulips. Thicker stems, greener leaves and bigger heads than normal tulips. And he does it in a super durable manner. We are fan, just like you. After the success of last year, we have clubbed together again with Sam.


Meet Sam, who welcomed us with open arms at his 45 hectare nursery, where he breeds the bulbs himself.

Growing a tulip takes two phases. First you need a good bulb, from which you want to grow the tulip. On his 45 hectare nursery Sam grows the bulbs himself (that’s where you know these beautiful bulb fields of!). From these bulbs grow tulips, but these are not suitable to sell. These tulips are being cut and left in the field. This will turn into compost for this field. So did you know that these beautiful bulb fields actually yield bulbs instead of flowers?


After this these bulbs are dried and stored. Till the moment they are being picked.

Photo by Bloomer

Sam uses (rain)water to grow his tulips. The bulbs are attached in crates, to avoid floating, when water is added. After this the bulbs are stored in a cold room for 3 weeks allowing the roots to grow well. After these 3 weeks the bulbs can go into the greenhouses, to develop into beautiful tulips. It takes another 3 weeks to grow nice long stems and big flower heads.

What makes them sustainable?

Sam is and breathes sustainability. All the water (his silo can hold as much as 4.000 cubic meters of water!!!) from the greenhouses is being captured, so he doesn’t use any tapwater. All water flowing through his crates is filtered and used again.

But wait, there’s more!

Sam doesn’t restrict himself to his greenhouses or water recycling, he takes it even further. His wrappings are made of FSC-certified materials. Around Sam’s 45 hectare nursery he put field planting which increases the biodiversity around the nursery. Insects, rodents, birds and other animals find their way to his fields. This isn’t only beneficial for his tulips but also for everything around it!

Exclusive to Bloomer, in the mix!

Exclusively for Bloomer, Sam mixes his tulips this year in a blend composition as well. Bloomer offers Sam’s tulips, packed with 20 stems. Small quantities, because you don’t always need 50 stems of white, but rather some different colors. That’s why we keep the quantities small. From Monday 7th January onwards these tulips will be available via Bloomer. During the month we will expand the selection! So order your durable, beautiful tulips now in our webshop, or click here to purchase them now!

Photo by Tulpen van Sam


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