Awesome dried flowers, Bloomer brings you 50 of the most beautiful varieties!

At Bloomer we talk daily to our customers. They give us comments, suggestions, compliments and make requests.

In the past few weeks we had a more than average demand for dried flowers. At Bloomer we can do anything, but we didn’t stock them yet. So, action time!

Together with our trend watcher we looked at the most popular varieties. So we got them, plus some more varieties of which we think that can’t be missed.

For our buyers this was a disaster! Normally they work with the most freshest flowers, direct of the growers. These dried beauties have surpassed the guaranteed freshness of Bloomer by a long time ;). As a result these do last, which is very welcome for decorative purposes.

From week 39 onwards they will be in the shop at Bloomer*!

They assortment starts with 50 varieties, which we will evaluate after the first couple of months. Please let us know which varieties you miss or which ones you love the most! It’s all about your opinion.

* find them in our shop under the section dried flowers