Every now and then there are these undiscovered treasures

Fortunately, the Netherlands is full of it. You just have to find them. At Bloomer, we’ve discovered such a treasure! This grower has the perfect conditions for the super popular tilantias. His greenhouse for Araucaria’s has the perfect humidity and heat, the ideal conditions for these fresh, full green strands.
The best thing is, if you order your box, it’ll be picked up freshly from this grower. That’s because in his greenhouse these green rascals really thrive! So why should we take them if it isn’t necessary?
After purchasing it’s best to lay these rootless plants flat and moisturize them once a week with a water sprayer. They’ll last for months!

Fun fact: (As seen in the gallery images below) The right tuft is the size with which the grower starts. After a year of relaxing in this warm and humid room, it has grown into a wild bush! Patience is a virtue!

You can find the tilantia per kilo in our shop! Order now and get them freshly delivered. That’s how we roll at Bloomer. In the meantime, we are always on the lookout for more such treasures!

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