Farm Direct & Bloomer
a match made in heaven

Here at Bloomer, like Farm Direct, we want only one thing; The perfect shipment! That’s why we’ve found each other!

Ecuador, why Ecuador?

Due to its special climate, Equador is particularly suitable for growing high-quality roses. Because of the Andes mountains and the extremely high volcanoes, Equador has fertile ground. The rose plantations are at an altitude of more than 3,200 meters above sea level, and because of their location on the equator, the distance between the sun and the earth is short which ensures a high light intensity.

Photo’s by Farm Direct: Hundreds of new roses in an experimental greenhouse and the environment in which these are grown

There’s 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light every day. Temperatures drop at night, making the roses grow slower but more intense. These points ensure that roses from Ecuador have more vivid colours, larger heads and thicker stems. Because they grow slowly, they also bloom more slowly. So they’ll last longer in the vase. Sometimes they last even up to three weeks!

Partly because there is always a spring climate – Ecuador has no seasons – Farm Direct can assure continuous quality and variations (more than 250 ) throughout the year.

Many growers in Equador

There are over 300 different rose plantations in Ecuador alone. Most of these plantations have a lot of different varieties. In the past 8 years, we’ve been able to make a selection of fifty plantations with which we often work. Now, of course, we don’t buy from 50 different ones every week. We aim to choose your roses from the farm with the best quality at that moment; the largest flower buds, the best stems, the most beautiful leaves.

This way, through Farm Direct, you’re ensured of the highest quality roses of the moment!

An impression from the selected roses

Farm Direct as a purchasing organisation

Because Farm Direct has no interests or purchasing obligations with growers and is totally independent of anyone, Farm Direct isn’t obligated to buy. That may sound strange, but it’s how we work. Farm Direct only buys the best quality at that time.

Farm Direct sees itself more as a purchasing organization rather than as a trading company.

Keen on the perfect delivery

Perfect delivery of the roses in your shop is our ultimate goal. Ecuador roses are a precious product. If you come across cheap roses from Ecuador, there is probably something wrong with it (being either old or damaged). Since they’re expensive, why not ensure getting the best? Together with Bloomer we, Pim, Jan, Bas and Willem, take care of that. We’re a close team. We’re the specialists involved with your roses every single day starting early in the morning to take care of everything. Just how you like it, but of the highest quality. That’s our mission.

With Willem’s roots in Ecuador, Bas’ expertise of the auction, Jan who knows florists through and through, and Pim, our fresh new account manager, we believe that you can find Equador’s best roses at Farm Direct.

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