LOVA Living On Lava

A unique combination of lava stone and an extremely natural plant

Hundreds of years ago…

Let’s go back in time a few hundred years. Volcanoes were part of the scene. A little piece of that history can be brought into your house nowadays. Surprise your customers with a unique combination of lava rock (the nutrition) and an extremely natural plant. Bring a piece of nature into your home, literally. It might look strange, you can love it or hate it. In any case, we’re head over heels about this! There are 6 varieties available and we also offer them in a mix, per 4!

Easy care

Because the lava stone is placed on a waterproof stone bowl it’s really easy to maintain these plants. You just have to make sure there’s always a layer of water inside the bowl, preferably rainwater without chalk. Chalk might whiten the dark black rock. Apart from that there’s nothing you need to do! In the darker months just add some plant nutrition to the water and your LOVA will shine all year through!

Available varieties


Photo’s by LOVA


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