Amazing news for our florists!

The most amazing assortment of the Parfum Flower Company, at Bloomer. From the 1st of February you will find a unique assortment, from the excellent and beautiful palette of scented roses and garden roses.

Apart from that, we will bring you the most beautiful David Austin roses, every day. All delivered fresh. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow! In cooperation with the Parfum Flower Company, we can deliver them at a fixed price. Needless to say that we are very proud to be able to supply these roses in this way. Well, if you say you are gonna make florists lives a lot easier and more fun, you have to prove it!

Bloomer has been given the opportunity to supply the full assortment from the Parfum Flower Company. However we only do that on request. As a standard you will find about 15 different varieties that will vary every week. Order today for delivery in your shop tomorrow morning! That, and we guarantee you that, is something you won’t find anywhere else!

Have you got a wedding booked for May or August already? Order them now at Bloomer. At a fixed price.

Bloemengroothandel Parfum Flower Company

Photo by Parfum Flower Company

Let’s talk about the story of the Parfum Flower Company. It’s their mission to find the most special roses in the world and to take them to the consumer via florists. Purely to be able to surprise florists with the most special roses.

They offer you an experience (oh my, just watch the video in the header…) that exceeds every expectation. We are fan and super proud to offer you this opportunity, to get hold of these floral gems at a set price.

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All year round a fixed price…

You know us a little by now. We like to do things a little different. Especially better for our customers! With our friends of the Parfum Flower Company we have got a fixed price, all year round. So you now already know how much those David Austin roses will be for that wedding in May or August. So you know exactly where you stand. How good is that?


These gorgeous flowers are very exclusive. It’s important to know that these garden- and fragrant roses need to be treated differently than regular roses! Extremely delicate, but also vulnerable. The flower is soft from itself. Due to the fragrance and softness the shelf life is shorter than Dutch roses for example.

100% purity can’t be guaranteed due to the environment in whgich the rose is grown. Picking bad petals is customary and advised by Parfum Flower Company itself.

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Flower Wholesaler Parfum Flower Company

Photo by Parfum Flower Company


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