Clean and refreshing. Colourful and full of simplicity. Studio Balt is innovative and we love her work!

Nadieh quickly caught our interest. Instagram is her second home where we immediately fell in love with her work. Refreshing, innovative, colourful and sometimes minimalistic and simplistic. In short, a talent with (just) 2 years of experience and already this excellent. We couldn’t pass on her for our next Talent Stage. Nadieh Baltus from Studio Balt, bring it on!

Nadieh Baltus - Studio Balt profile
Talent Stage

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Nadieh Baltus, I’m 27 years old and I live in Maastricht. About 2 years ago, I went outside of my comfort zone and followed my long-standing dream of working with flowers. This was quite a turnaround for me as I’m not originally from the flower industry, but the fashion industry. All the knowledge and techniques I use on a daily basis were taught to me by myself. And thus, slowly but surely, I turned my passion into my craft which grew out to Studio Balt.

What does your day usually look like?
I’m self-employed which means I do everything within the company. Because of this, every day is different. One day I’m working on a large project remotely, the other day I’m sweeping the floor of my studio and cleaning the buckets. The only constant factor of my work is not having enough hours, haha.

Photo’s by Studio Balt

“Last year, my grandma suddenly passed away, for her I created my first mourning piece”

When did the moment “I’m going to work with flowers!” happen?
After my study in the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) I decided to follow my heart and return to Limburg. I enjoyed the space and nature Limburg had to offer so much I went on to instal a flower garden. The abundance of flowers enabled me to experiment endlessly. I found it inspiring to create something with my homegrown flowers. From that moment forward, I knew I found my calling.

What made the flower industry so fun and challenging for you?
I find the visible transience of the flowers fascinating. We keep putting fresh flowers into our vases whilst knowing it’ll last briefly. Flowers contribute to a valuable memory; It has something poëtic. My work is always a translation of the mood or emotion my customer has in mind. Getting this right is what makes me love my work the most.

Which flower do you think is the most beautiful? Yes, we know; It’s like choosing between two of your children. (You can choose a flower per season as well)
I love fowers with a distinct character. These aren’t necessarily the prettiest flowers, take the large hanging flowers Amaranthus Caudatus for example. You can create an amazingly dramatic effect with them, especiialy in large quantities. It’ll almost become a fairytale-like scenery of strange creatures.

What would you like to see being done differently in the industry?
I’d love to see more flowers on the market with organic shapes and natural deformations. Grown flowers almost always have straight stems with the exact same length. To me, it doesn’t need to be so perfect and clean. My love for imperfection started when I cultivated my own flowers. In my eyes, these are often the flowers with actual character and make a bouquet interesting.

Photo’s by Studio Balt

What are you most proud of and why?
Last year, my grandma suddenly passed away. To me, she was the flower queen. I made my first mourning piece for her. Despite being overwhelmed by emotions I knew what to do. It felt like she showed me the way. In my work, I always try to bring those feelings along, because I know how valuable a goodbye with flowers can be.

What is the ultimate assignment for you? A wedding for a celebrity, furnishing the Rijksmuseum, or furnishing a dinner for the Royals?
Furnishing the Rijksmuseum would be an amazing experience. In the future I’d love to shift my focus from allround florist to larger assignments where I can express my creativity even more. I’d love to take the time for a project and creating a concept which is thought out to the finest detail.

How could Bloomer make your life as a florist or stylist even easier and more fun?
Ordering flowers is one of my favourite moments of the day. It’s always a difficult choice which one to order between all these floral beauties. When I get in my studio in the morning I can already see the blue Bloomer boxes lined up where I think to myself “such luxury”. Your delivery service really saves me a lot of hassle. Well done Bloomer, please keep going!

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