The combination of the finest materials and the prettiest flowers at Tokketok Studio

We were awestruck by her gorgeous products. That’s why we’ve invited her to kick off our first Talent Stage. This way, you’ll learn more about her products, about her predilection for flowers and about herself. Get ready for some Belgium flower love!

Tokketok Studio - Joke Vande Gaer
Talent Stage

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Joke Vande Gaer, owner of Tokketok. We create products focused on the flower industry, although it hasn’t always been that way. Tokketok started out as a stationery company. But over time we started to focus more on products with flowers. Much more is in the making of which we believe (and hope) is essential to florists.

What does your day usually look like?
Outside of Tokketok, I’m active as an Art Director for several brands. Organising photo shoots, graphic design and branding. A typical day is usually a combination of these. For Tokketok I’m doing the same, but with that comes sales, customer service and processing orders (the not-so-glamorous-yet-essential parts). I don’t plan my Instagram posts too far ahead because this is one of my favourite tasks which I find quite relaxing. Between all these things, playing around with the flowers around me & creating fun content. That’s something you’ll see every day!

Photo’s by Tokketok Studio

“Every time I’m working with a flower I think to myself: This one really is my favourite!”

When did the moment “I’m going to work with flowers!” happen?
This just happened. I got the idea of the card & flower combinations, which I tested with friends and family to see how people would initially react. After that, a few Instagram posts and suddenly the cards were a big hit! We then looked for a more permanent solution: the vases! And now, by talking to a lot of professionals in the industry, I can see where Tokketok can create fun and original alternatives for the sector. A tad more, a bit different.

What made the flower industry so fun and challenging for you?
I love flowers for as long as I can remember. To me, it’s the best gift to give and receive. Creating products for flowers has the advantage of becoming extra pretty because of the flowers. It’s an especially thankful product and you can add your own style through the flowers. The challenge is simple enough: Be different, which is something we like in any case!

Which flower do you think is the most beautiful? Yes, we know; It’s like choosing between two of your children ????. (You can choose a flower per season as well)
Aaaaah the most difficult question! Every time I’m working with a flower I think to myself: This one really is my favourite! But I have to admit I’ve had a crush on Lysianthus/Eustoma & these feelings are quite serious, for over a month I’ve been looking for her between all the other flowers.

What would you like to see being done differently in the industry?
When I lived in Asia I fell in love with how some countries put in effort in how they packed the flowers (and other products). We’re busy with some fun new packaging ideas.

Photo’s by Tokketok Studio

What are you most proud of and why?
Our exhibition stands in America (National Stationery show & New York Now) when we released our flower vases. We put together a mini veranda and were received more than welcome by everyone. Proud of it! A nice feature here: https://ohsobeautifulpaper.com/trade-shows/tokketok-2017/

What is the ultimate assignment for you? A wedding for a celebrity, furnishing the Rijksmuseum, or furnishing a dinner for the Royals?
An ultimate assignment? Gosh, can I have several?! I love stores that bring attention to customer experience. I think launching a pop-up flower department in such stores is somewhere on the top of my list. But putting together a giant window display with flower vases is definitely up there as well!

How could Bloomer make your life as a florist or stylist even more easy and fun?
I’ll have to round this up the corniest way possible: you’re already making my life super easy! Outside of fairs it’s not easy to get in touch with all the florists (and there are so many great ones!). It’s wonderful to see how Tokketok became included within the Bloomer family!

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