At Bloomer we always take back our waste! Read more about how we do this on this page.

Order the trash bags

Read further to understand why this is important to us

You can return your plastic, paper and organic waste from our products. We provide this service for free, because we highly value sustainability and responsibility. You can order the trash bags in our webshop (under the category sundries). Indeed, you have to order these as we don’t hand these out for free (we’re sorry, we understand it’s a letdown). You cán have them delivered for the cost price. You put the waste in the designated bags, next to the empty boxes and our drivers will take it back. We will separate the waste en have it recycled. #towardsasustainableplanet

Grey bags

Trash bags Grey Paper waste sustainable

Paper waste

Blue bags

Trash bags Blue Organic waste sustainable

Organic waste

Black bags

Trash bags Black Plastic waste sustainable

Plastic waste

Knots or tie wraps

Apart from the trash bags you can also find tie wraps in the webshop. These can be purchased additionally if you prefer sealing the bags that way. The tie wraps aren’t required of course. Sealing the bags with a knot is just as easy. Whichever you prefer, it makes no difference for us!

Together, we hope to take another step towards a more sustainable earth!

Order them in the webshop