No minimum purchasing amounts

Since 2018 Bloomer is your Plant wholesaler

Guarantueed the smallest purchasing amounts

Why buy more than you need?

Every florist, big or small, is welcome with us. Our enormous product range consists of many carefully selected flowers and plants. You can order whatever amount you need without a minimum amount you háve to buy. Simply per bunch. To help you get started we sell for example Freesia’s, Veronica’s and Hypericum per 10 stems and Amaryllis per 5 stems.

No minimum order size

You read that right

Sometimes you just need a small order, perhaps for a spontaneous order or a quick promotion. Like every other product you usually buy online, you only want to order what’s necessary. We get that, so you don’t have to buy a certain amount every single order. Even the smallest orders are processed like any other in accordance with our 7 promises.

At Bloomer you can purchase your flowers and plants online every single day for honest prices. The only fees you’ll see on your invoice are the ordered flowers or plants +a percentage for us, to run our business. Every order starting from 250 is free of shipping costs to delivery at your doorstep. We deliver your flower in AA boxes, which will be charged for £3.65 for the use of the single using box. Apart from that Bloomer enables you to pay your invoices immediately through iDeal. And if you don’t want to pay straight away you can choose for automatic collection within 5 business days. Neat, isn’t it?